Harvey Friedman provides hope for an HSV Vaccine at the University of Pennsylvania

Researchers, led by Dr. Harvey Friedman, from the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania are close to clinical trials testing a vaccine protecting against genital herpes. Phase I trials for this HSV vaccine candidate, that will test prevention of genital herpes in humans, are expected to begin in September 2022. In 2019,Continue reading “Harvey Friedman provides hope for an HSV Vaccine at the University of Pennsylvania”

“Moving Beyond a 45 year old antiviral” Article in BioCentury Magazine

Herpes Cure Advocacy win! Our team worked with editors at Biocentury magazine on this article. Enjoy! “After a decades long lull in innovation, a wave of candidates is advancing through the HSV pipeline that could combat drug resistance, suppress viral deactivation, or even clear the virus completely.” Get in Touch

Hope for Herpes Keratitis Cure in China: Study results expected in 2022

In the global race for a Herpes cure, China is taking the lead. For the first time, transient gene-editing of the herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) using mRNA-based CRISPR was shown to cure herpes keratitis in mice. Chinese researchers reported in a paper published January 11, 2021 of Nature Biotechnology. In a paper publishedContinue reading “Hope for Herpes Keratitis Cure in China: Study results expected in 2022”

Herpes Cure Pipeline

Where are we with a Herpes Cure? Our team is tracking HSV research worldwide. (Updated 11/24/21) These are research projects for Herpes Simplex Virus cure, vaccine, or treatment improvements globally with expressed intent of bringing a product to market. View the Herpes research pipeline here. Have a project to add to this list? Contact usContinue reading “Herpes Cure Pipeline”

How to Advocate the FDA for Accurate Herpes Testing

Why do we need advocacy at the FDA? Because any Herpes Simplex Virus prevention strategy in the US is incomplete without an accurate diagnostic test. There is currently NO FDA-approved accurate diagnostic serology test (what we need to diagnose asymptomatic infection) on the market. With a virus that is primarily spread asymptomatically, 85% of newContinue reading “How to Advocate the FDA for Accurate Herpes Testing”

The Minimization of Herpes

Can we advocate for a Herpes cure and reduce its stigma at the same time? It’s a strange dichotomy for many HSV carriers desperate for a cure. Advocacy by its nature needs to elevate the critical elements of an issue which are misunderstood, under appreciated or viewed differently by those in power. The late JohnContinue reading “The Minimization of Herpes”

Herpes Cure Advocacy News

Advocacy for Herpes has never truly existed, we believe, because of stigma. Herpes is the most heavily stigmatized STI, by far. It could also be the most heavily stigmatized medical condition, period. It’s hard to demand fair treatment and prevention, when you’re in the closet about your condition. We’ve been hard at work to askContinue reading “Herpes Cure Advocacy News”

Herpes is not Benign: Nine health complications linked to HSV

This post is for anyone supporting the narrative about Herpes Simplex Virus that “it’s not a big deal”. This is to encourage NIH for more urgency for treatment research, cure, and serology testing. This is to urge the CDC to develop a real prevention strategy including testing and tracking. Herpes Simplex Virus requires treatment andContinue reading “Herpes is not Benign: Nine health complications linked to HSV”

A Herpes and Alzheimer’s link?

There is mounting evidence that has increasingly pointed to HSV-1 as being possibly involved in Alzheimer’s disease. Dr. Itzhaki, who has worked extensively to investigate the link, published a paper in 1991 which was the very first experimental study to link HSV1 and AD. In the paper, she noted that she discovered the viral DNAContinue reading “A Herpes and Alzheimer’s link?”