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HHS Listening Sessions: Two listening sessions were held this past week in an effort to gather insights for an addendum to the HHS 2020 STI Strategic Plan. Both patients and providers spoke with OIDP, NIH, and CDC stakeholders about their experiences and ideas for how to help cure, treat and prevent herpes in America. HCA is supporting our federal partners in this effort. There will be future opportunities for input including a listening session at the STD Engage conference in New Orleans May 16-18.

Herpes Cure Advocacy will exhibiting at STI/HIV World Congress in Chicago, IL.

Fundraising continues with industry partners, foundations, and individuals. Want more updates? Want to change the field faster? Please donate what you can to help advance this work!

Corporate and industry partners interested in sponsoring our work? Want to host a patient workshop or speak on Meet the Experts? Email us at for sponsorship opportunities.

Dr. Harvey Friedman has joined the Herpes Cure Advocacy Medical Advisory Board.

NEXT UP on Meet the Experts Series: April 26th 6pm EST Terri Warren from Westover Clinic. Register now!

Industry and News from the Pipeline

AiCuris Establishes US Subsidiary – Appoints New CEO

Promising Progress with Pritelivir

GSK Updates Phase 1 Clinical Trial End Date – changed to two weeks earlier!

GSK recruitment for Phase 2 expected to begin in June 2023 in the following locations: USA, Spain, UK, Belgium, Germany for HSV-2 positive people.

BD Gene Makes Progress towards possible Herpes Keratitis Cure in China

Dr. Gerald Kleymann presented an update on the HSV helicase-primase inhibitor IM-250, with potent in-vitro and in-vivo activity against HSV including nucleoside-resistant mutants due to its different mechanism of action. Clinical Trials are planned soon.

Rational Vaccines starts clinical trial in UK with a survey

A team from Fred Hutch published promising results from clinical research on HSV-2.

Funding News

NIH/NIA Infectious Etiology of Alzheimer’s Disease (R01 Clinical Trial Optional) RFA-AG-21-034

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Ask NIH Leaders: What is the status of Multi-Council Working Group for HSV?

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