Testing for Herpes: Step-by-Step Guide

How to get tested for Herpes Testing for herpes is complicated and can be confusing in America. Currently available, FDA-approved IgG antibody tests sometimes present with false positive results where the test says you are infected with HSV and you are not. Tests can also have false negative results. Most often, false positive results areContinue reading “Testing for Herpes: Step-by-Step Guide”

We lost our baby daughter to neonatal herpes

We lost our baby to neonatal herpes, and her life mattered. Our daughter would be turning a year old this coming September 2022. Instead of celebrating her birth, though, we will be gathering to memorialize her 27 days of life. Our daughter died a horrible death due to acquiring HSV-2 in the birth canal, alsoContinue reading “We lost our baby daughter to neonatal herpes”

Important Win for Herpes Advocacy: FY 2023 Congress Budget Update

Herpes Cure Advocacy celebrates and thanks the US House of Representatives for their prioritization of federal action for Herpes Simplex Virus cure, treatment and prevention in the FY 2023 House budget report. In the house budget report for FY 2023, published on June 29, there is report language that directs NIH to assemble a multi-councilContinue reading “Important Win for Herpes Advocacy: FY 2023 Congress Budget Update”

Possible herpes keratitis cure takes another step: BDGene of China applies for Orphan Drug Designation at the FDA

Chinese company BDGene from Shanghai continues to lead in the global race for a herpes keratitis cure. The highly anticipated treatment, BD111 has reached a big milestone as it applied for Orphan Drug designation from the US FDA. Previously, BD111 has received international attention for its progress with a gene editing cure for herpes keratitis.Continue reading “Possible herpes keratitis cure takes another step: BDGene of China applies for Orphan Drug Designation at the FDA”

New Clinical Trial for Herpes Vaccine from Biontech + UPenn

The BioNTech team and UPenn have previously partnered on pre-clinical study of an mRNA-based vaccine candidate to prevent genital herpes. This work is led by lead investigator Dr. Harvey Friedman and team at the University of Pennsylvania. A new clinical trial A Clinical Trial in Healthy Volunteers to Study the Safety, Tolerability, and Immune ResponsesContinue reading “New Clinical Trial for Herpes Vaccine from Biontech + UPenn”

New Clinical Trial for Herpes Simplex Virus

GlaxoSmithKline Pipeline Update GSK has officially updated its clinical research pipeline to include a vaccine for HSV-2! Their therapeutic vaccine for HSV-2 isn’t mRNA (or what they called SAM technology) but an adjuvanted therapeutic vaccine. The trial (currently recruiting) is a Phase 1/2 combined trial that ends in 2024. GSK will test 9 different formulationsContinue reading “New Clinical Trial for Herpes Simplex Virus”

Fundraising begins for a Herpes Cure

Herpes Cure Advocacy is excited to announce we are pursuing filing as a non-profit organization with 501c3 status. Herpes Cure Advocacy is launching a small capital campaign to raise $25,000 – these funds will allow us to further our work to advance the treatment and prevention of Herpes Simplex Virus types 1 and 2 inContinue reading “Fundraising begins for a Herpes Cure”

Testing and Diagnosis for Herpes: A Dialogue

Herpes Cure Advocacy is proud to offer a 2-part webinar series in partnership with NCSD. STI Testing and Diagnosis for Herpes is Challenging Testing for HSV, especially of asymptomatic infection, is complex and can be challenging for both patient and clinician alike. Join our two-part workshop for an open and safe dialogue to learn, askContinue reading “Testing and Diagnosis for Herpes: A Dialogue”

Help HCA ask for Federal Funding for Treatment and Prevention of HSV!

The landscape for Herpes treatment and prevention is, while the are glimmers of hope, very ugly. There are no public health interventions to stop transmission and no accurate test to diagnose asymptomatic infection. The treatment pipeline is slim, improving – yet slim. And NIH is investing less than 10 million a year in clinical researchContinue reading “Help HCA ask for Federal Funding for Treatment and Prevention of HSV!”

Monoclonal Antibodies: What’s in the pipeline for Herpes treatments?

What new treatments are coming for Herpes? In the Herpes Cure Pipeline, there are several monoclonal antibody treatments. What kind of advantages do monoclonal antibody (MAB) treatments have over anti-virals or therapeutic vaccines? What makes monoclonals work? In simple terms, monoclonal antibodies are lab developed antibodies that are directly injected into the body. The antibodiesContinue reading “Monoclonal Antibodies: What’s in the pipeline for Herpes treatments?”