Progress for a Cure for Herpes Continues

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Herpes Clinical Pipeline

AiCuris Non-Confidential Slide Deck May 2023: AiCuris planning for commercial launch of Priteliver 2025. Launch prep for Priteliver is ongoing.

Innovative Molecules advances IM-250: The clinical trial center in Heidelberg, Germany has Phase 2 clinical trials are scheduled for 2024. The clinical phase 1 study investigates the safety, tolerability, and pharmacokinetics of a medication in development (IM-250) against infections with herpes simplex viruses in healthy test subjects. Participants: Healthy men and non-pregnant women aged 18-50 years.

Thyreos Inc. Receives NIH NIAID $1.6 Million Grant For Preclinical Development of R2® Herpes Simplex Type 2 Vaccine

EG 427 announces issuance of the first 2 patents for its HSV-based gene therapy treatment

Herpes Cure Advocacy News

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What we’re reading…

Tired of ‘dead end’ approach, herpes patients mobilize to demand government action

Don’t ignore potential microbial causes of Alzheimer’s and other chronic diseases, researchers say

Chronic viral coinfections differentially affect the likelihood of developing long COVID

I Thought I Had A Headache. It Turned Out To Be Herpes (HSV-1) — In My Brain.

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