Herpes Cure Advocacy News

Advocacy for Herpes has never truly existed, we believe, because of stigma. Herpes is the most heavily stigmatized STI, by far. It could also be the most heavily stigmatized medical condition, period. It’s hard to demand fair treatment and prevention, when you’re in the closet about your condition. We’ve been hard at work to askContinue reading “Herpes Cure Advocacy News”

Herpes is not Benign: Nine health complications linked to HSV

This post is for anyone supporting the narrative about Herpes Simplex Virus that “it’s not a big deal”. This is to encourage NIH for more urgency for treatment research, cure, and serology testing. This is to urge the CDC to develop a real prevention strategy including testing and tracking. Herpes Simplex Virus requires treatment andContinue reading “Herpes is not Benign: Nine health complications linked to HSV”

A Herpes and Alzheimer’s link?

There is mounting evidence that has increasingly pointed to HSV-1 as being possibly involved in Alzheimer’s disease. Dr. Itzhaki, who has worked extensively to investigate the link, published a paper in 1991 which was the very first experimental study to link HSV1 and AD. In the paper, she noted that she discovered the viral DNAContinue reading “A Herpes and Alzheimer’s link?”

Current Herpes Cure Research at Excision BioTherapeutics

Excision Bio has illustrated the possibility in developing a curative gene therapy using CRISPR in treating both active and latent HSV infection in the body. The company has stated that they plan to begin clinical trials in Q1 2023. Excision’s cutting edge CRISPR gene therapy platform is built on technology licensed from the Doudna LabContinue reading “Current Herpes Cure Research at Excision BioTherapeutics”

What is the timeline for a Herpes Cure?

The most frequently asked question in our community? What is the timeline for a Herpes Cure? When will there be a herpes cure? There have always been companies working towards better treatments, vaccines, and cures for HSV-1 and HSV-2, and many have failed. But recently two events changed the possible timeline for a Herpes cureContinue reading “What is the timeline for a Herpes Cure?”

Current Herpes Cure Research at Fred Hutch Cancer Center

The reason Herpes Cure Advocacy was born, the Herpes Simplex Virus cure research at the Jerome Lab at Fred Hutch Cancer Center provides great hope. Research at The Jerome Lab is on a sterilizing cure, developing a gene therapy to fully eradicate HSV-1 and HSV-2. So far, Dr. Keith Jerome and team has removed overContinue reading “Current Herpes Cure Research at Fred Hutch Cancer Center”

Latest Herpes Cure Research Projects

Updated as of 4/18/21. These are herpes cure research projects, of which we are aware, that are either in clinical trials currently or have expressed intent. For the latest timelines, news, videos, and dialogue on Herpes (HSV) cure research projects please join the Herpes Cure Research Reddit group. 1. The Jerome Lab at Fred HutchContinue reading “Latest Herpes Cure Research Projects”