New Clinical Study for Broad spectrum anti-viral to treat HPV, Mpox, and possibly herpes

Hyundai Biosciences have applied for a clinical study in Korea to test the efficacy of CP-COVO3, a new candidate treatment for viral infections, on HPV.

This antiviral agent, developed in Korea, has an innovative ‘viral removal’ mechanism applicable to all viruses, unlike existing antiviral agents that target only specific viruses. It is expected to open a new chapter in the world’s antiviral drug history if it produces valid clinical results.

This new clinical trial is not for HSV specifically, but its mechanism of action should apply to HSV as well if it works for other pathogens. Niclosamide, the active ingredient in CP-COV03, has been proven to treat HSV in infected cells (clinical data is pending publication) via a novel delivery mechanism. Niclosamide has been used as a medication for various diseases for over 60 years and has a strong safety profile.

Hyundai Biosciences previously has successfully completed phase II clinical trials for treating COVID and monkeypox, and applied for fast-track approval and distribution in May 2022. They have also started setting up manufacturing sites in the U.S. They’re now starting studies on other diseases.

The research team has said, “Niclosamide is a substance that has already been taken as an insect repellent for more than 60 years, and its safety has been sufficiently verified. As it has an effective antiviral function, I thought that it has sufficient potential for HPV treatment for which antiviral drugs have not yet been developed.”

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