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Healthy Volunteers Needed for BNT163-01 Clinical Trial

Healthy volunteers sought for clinical trial for herpes vaccine candidate from BioNtech BNT-163-01.

Volunteers needed near The University of Pennsylvania Hospital in Philadelphia, PA.

This is Dr. Harvey Friedman’s work in partnership with BionNtech Group. 


International Herpes Workshop Conference in Missoula, MT starts July 15

This week starts the International Herpes Workshop Conference in Missoula, MT. Patient advocates and some of Herpes Cure Advocacy medical advisory board are in attendance – please stay tuned for notes on promising new research!

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Please use the hashtag #IHW2023

Follow our new Twitter list to follow and chat with the Herpes experts attending.

At IHW 2022 Herpes Cure Advocacy was on the agenda talking about federal advocacy for HSV!

STI & HIV World Congress 2023 in Chicago July 24-27

See you in Chicago July 24-27! Herpes Cure Advocacy and team will be exhibiting – find us in booth #11. If you haven’t yet – please shoot us a note if you want to schedule time to connect! Or stop by and say hello.

We’re excited to bring our message of cure, treatment and prevention for Herpes to Chicago.

Are you a patient advocate interested in attending the conference? Want to join us live and in person? Email us today!

Be ready to engage on twitter, ask questions and USE YOUR VOICE to ask for change.

HIV and Herpes: Related Epidemics

Did you know 30% of new HIV cases are directly attributable to herpes?

NEW on the website – more clinical data regarding the association between HIV and HSV. Check it out here: Herpes and HIV: Related Epidemics. Spread the word online with our social media toolkit!

GSK Patient Advisory Council

What we’re reading:

AiCuris Announces Strategic Shift to Focus Development and Commercialization of Anti-infectives for Immunocompromised Patients

The Many Faces of Neurological Neonatal Herpes Simplex Virus Infection

Incidence of Epstein-Barr virus reactivation is elevated in COVID-19 patients

Stacking the odds: Multiple sites for HSV-1 latency

 16th Mini-Herpesvirus Workshop in Germany, September 29, 2023

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