New HSV Advocates: A Starters Guide to Activism

Getting started with Herpes Advocacy

Step 1: Get Informed

  • GET INFORMED: Make sure you know the Herpes 101 facts so you can speak to them in your advocacy. Read the latest news.
  • Sign up for Herpes Cure Advocacy emails to receive the latest news on the clinical pipeline, advocacy alerts, and more.

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Step 2: Use Your Voice for Change

  • USE YOUR VOICE: Email, call, show up at meetings. Make noise early and often. Emails work. Phone calls work. Don’t underestimate the power of an email or phone call.
  • JOIN THE MOVEMENT: Download our Social Media Toolkit. Use social media to connect directly with stakeholders. Get on Twitter, Instagram, and spread the world.
  • ASK FOR CHANGE: Send an email. Make a phone call. Show up. A sample email is here. A list of stakeholders contact information is here.
  • GET INVOLVED: We need help! Join the advocate task force. The task force volunteers may help organize meetings, gather information, or more. Apply to be a volunteer. Still want to do more? Email us.
  • TAKE ACTION: You can view and participate in coordinated and time sensitive advocacy alerts by signing up for emails and following us on twitter. You can also participate archived advocacy alerts by clicking here.

Step 3: Contact stakeholders

  • CONTACT ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES: There is nothing more important than asking the government for change. Call, send an email or meet with your elected representatives and their Health Policy staff and ask them for change today. Ask for a meeting!
  • CONTACT PUBLIC HEALTH LEADERS: Contact these key stakeholders in public health to ask them to prioritize Herpes cure, treatment and prevention. Ask for a meeting!

Step 4: Donate to support advocacy for a cure today

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3 thoughts on “New HSV Advocates: A Starters Guide to Activism

  1. Necesitamos con urgencia la cura para el herpes tipo I y II y ya que muchas personas nos vemos afectados y deprimidos por la cantidad de brotes q aparecen y que los medicamentos antivirales no alivian las llagas , dolores, hormigueo q producen y lo peor esq nos sentimos desvastados por qué no existe aún cura para esta enfermedad que nadie merece(exigimos cura).

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