New HSV Advocates: A Starters Guide to Activism

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Step 1: Getting started with Herpes Advocacy

Know the facts so you can speak to them in your advocacy. Read the latest news.

Stay informed on the latest news. Sign up for Herpes Cure Advocacy news! You can view and participate in archived advocacy alerts by clicking here.

Still want to do more? Spread the word about our work on social media! Show up at meetings (virtual or in-person) to make sure Herpes cure, treatment and prevention is on the agenda. Apply to be a volunteer. Have other ideas? Email us.

Step 2: Donate to support advocacy for a cure for HSV

Step 3: Contact stakeholders for herpes simplex virus cure, treatment and prevention .

Want to know when the next clinical trial for a herpes cure is? Contact your elected representatives – tell them we need more clinical research for HSV.

Contact these key stakeholders in government and public health to ask them to prioritize Herpes cure, treatment and prevention. Especially important stakeholders in congress are on the committees below.

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WE NEED YOUR HELP! Learn more about our fundraising goals and donate today.

Have a news tip? Are you working on clinical research for HSV treatments and want to share updates with the public? Let us know!

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4 thoughts on “New HSV Advocates: A Starters Guide to Activism

  1. Necesitamos con urgencia la cura para el herpes tipo I y II y ya que muchas personas nos vemos afectados y deprimidos por la cantidad de brotes q aparecen y que los medicamentos antivirales no alivian las llagas , dolores, hormigueo q producen y lo peor esq nos sentimos desvastados por qué no existe aún cura para esta enfermedad que nadie merece(exigimos cura).

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