Important Win for Herpes Advocacy: FY 2023 Congress Budget Update

Herpes Cure Advocacy celebrates and thanks the US House of Representatives for their prioritization of federal action for Herpes Simplex Virus cure, treatment and prevention in the FY 2023 House budget report.

In the house budget report for FY 2023, published on June 29, there is report language that directs NIH to assemble a multi-council working group of NIH staff to investigate the NIH clinical research HSV treatment, cure and prevention, and provide recommendations to address the infectious disease which impacts 1 out of 2 Americans.

This direction for NIH gives multiple institutes the opportunity to work together to address the gaps and opportunities in HSV cure, treatment, and prevention in a coordinated effort that leverages medical knowledge across institutes. Also, congress has directed NIH to issue a funding analysis that outlines NIH-funded clinical research for HSV. Report language is included on page 146 and also below.

Please note, that before this FY 2023 budget is passed into law, it still needs to have support on the senate side.

Herpes Cure Advocacy: CALL TO ACTION

It is more important than ever for advocates for herpes cure, treatment and prevention to write to their elected representatives in the US Senate and ask them to support the increased federal funding for HSV for FY 2023.

Find your elected representatives.

Report Language in FY 2023 House Budget Report

Herpes Simplex Virus, Types 1 and 2.—The Committee recognizes the serious nature of herpes simplex virus, a neuropathic infectious disease which impacts nearly one in two Americans, and the critical need for Federal investment in treatment and prevention.

The Committee is concerned with potential health, quality of life, and economic impacts for herpes simplex virus seropositive individuals, as well as the risk for severe, persistent disease in a significant portion of Americans. The Committee directs NIH to prioritize research and development of curative approaches to herpes simplex virus, with a specific focus on research projects with commercial viability and intention of bringing new HSV treatments to market.

The Committee understands that herpes simplex virus is a pathogen with considerations beyond a single NIH Institute or Center and directs NIH to assemble a multi-council working group to ensure a coordinated and focused effort across NIH. Institutes and Centers may include, but are not limited to: NIAID, NIMH, NCI, NIA, NIMHD and NINDS. This working group will assemble a review of NIH efforts in herpes simplex virus treatment and prevention with commercial viability, outline gaps and/or misconceptions in currently available research, and outline future priority areas for new clinical research, with a focus on addressing Americans holistic health and well-being. The multi-council working group will also provide a funding analysis to illustrate NIH priorities, gaps, and opportunities in clinical research of HSV treatment to date.

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