Fundraising begins for a Herpes Cure

Herpes Cure Advocacy is excited to announce we are pursuing filing as a non-profit organization with 501c3 status.

Herpes Cure Advocacy is launching a small capital campaign to raise $25,000 – these funds will allow us to further our work to advance the treatment and prevention of Herpes Simplex Virus types 1 and 2 in the United States.

Resources will allow the expansion of HCA grassroots advocacy work to broaden, be more effective, and to leverage professional tools and strategies that can effectively create change in the complex public health landscape. Resources will be used to support the following efforts:

Funds can support:

  • Legal and accounting fees
  • Marketing, communications, operations to support organizational goals
  • Admin and operational support staff
  • Conference fees and travel

We’re fundraising to support Herpes cure advocacy, including stakeholder engagement and lobbying congress for clinical research for a herpes cure, vaccine and treatments.

One thought on “Fundraising begins for a Herpes Cure

  1. Hello, this is Sonny Wolfe. I am on the Reddit Herpes Cure Research group. I appreciate that you reached out to me. I am all on board with this endeavor, mission, goal, task. I would like to formally join your organization. I am grateful that you reached out to me and set up a phone call on Wednesday. I very much appreciated your time and like to set up another meeting with the three of you. I believe I can raise the money we need.

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