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Fundraising Goal: $200,000 for Herpes cure, treatment and prevention efforts

Herpes Cure Advocacy is a tax-exempt 501c3 organization. Our fundraising goal of $200,000 will support the following:

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Total raised as of 12/4/22: $8,316

$100,000 Executive Director (12 month salary and benefits)

$90,000 Advocacy Communications Agency (6 month scope of work)

$10,000 Administration and Operations (12 months)

Executive Director

Herpes Cure Advocacy’s first Executive Director will manage organizational operations and finances, lead fundraising with individuals, corporations and foundations, and engage stakeholders in private and public sectors to advance the organizational mission of cure, treatment and prevention of HSV in the United States. The ED will be responsible for:

  • Fundraising: Establish fundraising goals, grant writing, cultivating and stewarding relationships with individuals, corporations and foundational donors
  • Public Policy: Working with internal/external partners to lobby US congress for federal funding and action via appropriate public health agencies
  • Community Building: Engages community partners as needed to build consensus and advocacy among stakeholders with an intention of advancing the field. Partners may include key opinion leaders, HCPs, scientists, medical researchers and scientists, patient advocates or private industry, etc.
  • Marketing and Communications: Leverages tools and/or external partners including email, website, CRM, social media, public relations, etc. to increase awareness of HSV and advance organizational goals
  • Finances: Manages HCA organizational budget, provides quarterly updates to executive board, funders and regulatory bodies as needed. Ensures financial stewardship, transparency, and fiscal responsibility as appropriate
  • Board Stewardship: Regular and robust reporting on organizational activity, programs and finances to executive board. Board recruitment and activation to strategically plan, manage and drive the organizational vision
Advocacy Communications Agency

Most important to advancing the field for Herpes cure, treatment and prevention is creating urgency among decision makers. By hiring a partner with experience in advocacy communications we can leverage professional best-in-class tools and strategies that are needed to create change. With this budget we plan to:

  • Hire professional and dedicated public and media relations experts to raise awareness for HSV
  • Work to place stories in high visibility leading news outlets in digital and traditional media
  • Leverage expert guidance with public policy to effectively lobby congress for federal action for HSV

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