Advocacy at NIH: Multi-Council Working Group for Herpes

Advocates Stand Up! Here is today’s advocacy alert.

Hi Herpes advocates, we’re happy you’re here.

Dear NIH Stakeholders,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

I’m INSERT NAME HERE, I’m a patient advocate with Herpes Cure Advocacy. We are the only patient advocacy organization in the US advocating for Herpes cure, treatment and prevention.

Are you aware that in the FY 2023 budget, US Congress directed NIH to assemble a multi-council working group to address the cure, treatment and prevention of Herpes Simplex Virus with a coordinated effort? Please let me know if you can share the status of this work? We are anticipating updates on the working group from our contacts at NIAID on this work and are hoping you can help us advance this work. 

Please read the FY 2023 budget report language directing NIH to advance this effort here

HSV is very common – yet there are many gaps in medical knowledge and misconceptions as to the long-term impact of this chronic latent neuropathic infection. While the latest science supports a the connection between HSV and Alzheimer’s Disease, as well as a close relationship between HSV and new cases of HIV, the investment in clinical research for the cure, treatment and prevention of HSV from NIH across institutes remains, comparatively to other research areas, very low. Additionally, without a collaborative effort across institutes – scientific progress is disjointed and lacks strategy. 

Can you please share an update on this important effort at NIH to advance the field for Herpes?

This is important to me because INSERT PERSONAL STORY HERE.