Herpes Cure Pipeline 2.0

Pipeline for a Herpes Cure

We track the timelines for preclinical and clinical study, formulation updates, and go-to market strategies with research teams globally.

The pipeline only includes teams with published data, and those with expressed interest of bringing a product to market. There is no other organization globally except Herpes Cure Advocacy, who are advocating, tracking, or keeping HSV advocates informed on the pipeline for a Herpes treatment or cure.

The original 1.0 edition of our pipeline was published on November 25, 2021 and continues to provide a critical service for advocates, industry, and research teams globally. Hundreds of visitors globally view the pipeline daily and it continues to be the most visited page on www.herpescureadvocacy.com.

Herpes Cure Pipeline 2.0

Pipeline projects include HSV cure or treatment research teams who have expressed intent of bringing a product to market.

Have a project to add? Email our team.

Changes of note:

  • The tracker has been divided into sections to group research items by vaccine or treatment types
  • Timing update to Harvey Friedman UPenn/BioNTech clinical trials to begin September 2022
  • Timing update and reformulation for Xvax Vaccines to begin clinical trials 2024
  • Shanghai Bdgene has been updated to reflect early success of Phase I/II trials in China (pending formal report) and that they are now seeking IND approval to begin trials in the U.S.
  • SL Vaxigen’s “SL-V20” HSV-2 therapeutic vaccine has been added and reflects completion of recruiting for Phase I trial in Korea
  • Blue Willow is now targeting 2022 or 2023 to start human clinical trials for their “NE HSV-2” therapeutic and prophylactic vaccine candidate
  • Thyreos “R2” HSV 1&2 vaccine candidate has been added, but there are little details on timing of clinical trials
  • AiCuris’ Pritelivir has been updated to indicate they are currently recruiting for Phase III clinical trials in the U.S. (they may be recruiting worldwide – we are trying to confirm)
  • Heidelberg completed Phase II trial on their “HDIT 101” HSV 2 monoclonal antibody treatment
  • BioPharma‘s “UB-621” now reflects three different candidates for their HSV-2 monoclonal antibody treatment
  • Nanoviricide’s HerpeCide Program, which is antiviral treatment, now reflects multiple programs in process for HSV 1 & 2 and including HSV-1 keratitis   

10 thoughts on “Herpes Cure Pipeline 2.0

  1. Hi there,

    This is fantastic news for all those afflicted, especially ones that have no idea they’re carriers etc.

    I had a question if Keith Jerome’s research at Fred Hutch cancer center is going to be included for the dElTa 2/Cas 9 meganucleius will be included? Last I saw they’re targeting clinical end of q3/q4 of 22′ into 23. Thank you so much for continuing with updates

    1. As we can see many indian peoples comment here, we would also like to see clinical trials in India so that we can participate in those trials for good cause and humanity.

  2. This is something that needs to be cured for our children as well. It is so easily passed without knowing and it is not just an std but can lead to an std. people suffer everyday and this has so many complications for people later in life. Please help!

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