Advocacy Preparations for FY 2023

The Herpes Cure Advocacy team is getting ready for another busy appropriations season and we need your help. Appropriations is the government process of creating a budget and deciding how public funds are spent. Every year – advocates of all kinds hold “appropriations request” meetings to ask for funds. We have a goal of meeting with elected representatives in all 50 states this year.

Can you help us reach elected in reps where you live?

Use your voice

Contacting your elected representative

We are creating a database (our HSV Advocate Army) for coordinated advocacy meetings with patient and provider advocates in all 50 states. Please let us know what state you live in by clicking here.

Contact your elected representatives: Here’s what to say:

  1. Please increase public funds in the FY 2023 budget for Herpes cure, treatment and prevention.
  2. Please ask to schedule a meeting (virtual is fine) with your reps health policy staff. HCA team members can join you for a live meeting with your elected representatives to help speak to the issues.
  3. Please ALWAYS copy so we’re aware of when advocacy emails are sent. It also adds legitimacy to your request and helps us not duplicate HCA advocacy efforts with other advocates in your jurisdiction.
  4. Always introduce yourself as an advocate with Herpes Cure Advocacy. A sample letter/email is here. A few tips:
  • Be polite – but firm! Say thank you!
  • Email.
  • Call.
  • Ask for a virtual or in person meeting to discuss further.
  • Do all of the above!

If your elected rep is on any of the committees below – please let us know ASAP! We most critically need to reach these committee members and can be more effective with the help of their constituents.

United States SenateUnited States House of Representatives
Senate Appropriations Committee
Senate LHHS Subcommittee
Senate HELP Committee
House Appropriations Committee
House LHHS Subcommittee

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