Hope for Herpes Keratitis Cure in China: Study results expected in 2022

In the global race for a Herpes cure, China is taking the lead. For the first time, transient gene-editing of the herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) using mRNA-based CRISPR was shown to cure herpes keratitis in mice. Chinese researchers reported in a paper published January 11, 2021 of Nature Biotechnology. In a paper publishedContinue reading “Hope for Herpes Keratitis Cure in China: Study results expected in 2022”

New HSV Advocates: A Starters Guide to Activism

Hello Herpes Advocates, We’re happy you’re here. We believe part of the reason there have been no advances in treatment or prevention in 40 years is due to stigma and lack of activism. There has never been a centralized advocacy effort for HSV until now. Getting started with Herpes Advocacy Step 1: Know the factsContinue reading “New HSV Advocates: A Starters Guide to Activism”

A Herpes and Alzheimer’s link?

There is mounting evidence that has increasingly pointed to HSV-1 as being possibly involved in Alzheimer’s disease. Dr. Itzhaki, who has worked extensively to investigate the link, published a paper in 1991 which was the very first experimental study to link HSV1 and AD. In the paper, she noted that she discovered the viral DNAContinue reading “A Herpes and Alzheimer’s link?”