Current Herpes Cure Research at Excision BioTherapeutics

Excision Bio has illustrated the possibility in developing a curative gene therapy using CRISPR in treating both active and latent HSV infection in the body. The company has stated that they plan to begin clinical trials in Q1 2023.

Excision’s cutting edge CRISPR gene therapy platform is built on technology licensed from the Doudna Lab at UC Berkeley and the Khalili Lab at Temple University. They are the first company to remove HIV genomes from animals and generate functional cures for HIV.

The company’s primary focus at this point in time being curing HIV with CRISPR. The company is in the middle of filing their IND with the FDA for HIV clinical trials, which they plan to begin in 2021.

In February 2021 Excision announced $60 million raised in funding to focus on their research streams including HSV.

Updates on IND filing status can be found here.

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