Latest Herpes Cure Research Projects

Updated as of 4/18/21.

These are herpes cure research projects, of which we are aware, that are either in clinical trials currently or have expressed intent.

For the latest timelines, news, videos, and dialogue on Herpes (HSV) cure research projects please join the Herpes Cure Research Reddit group.

1. The Jerome Lab at Fred Hutch Cancer Research Center

2. Excision Biotherapeutics

3. Shanghai BDgene, co.

4. Sanofi

5. GlaxoSmithKline

6. RedBioTec AG

7. X-Vax Technology

8. University of Pennsylvania – Dr. Harvey Friedman

9. Rational Vaccines

10. Genocea

  • 11. Excell Biotech
  • 12. Squarex

    13. United Biopharma

    14. Heidelberg Immunotherapeutics

    15. Blue Willow

    Is your team researching Herpes Simplex Virus cure or treatment? Want to be added to this list?

    We’d be happy to add you. Contact us at:

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