HSV Provider Feedback Toolkit

Patients can experience difficulty with providers during Herpes testing, diagnosis or treatment. Many report providers refusing to test them, persuading them to not get tested, or refusing to prescribe antiviral treatment.

Some medical providers tend to “minimize” HSV during diagnosis counseling. If you had an experience with a medical provider where you didn’t feel heard, respected or listened to, please use the template script and the following shareable content with them.

Accordingly, if you had an experience with a medical provider that was exemplary, please share the Herpes Cure Advocacy digital thank you card with them.

Example discussion with your doctor:

Hi Doctor,

My name is Jane Doe. I recently saw you for [insert reason for your visit] in your practice in Somewhere, XY. I wanted to share with you that I had a [insert thoughts here] experience in your medical care.

I hope this can be a learning moment for you. And appreciate your thoughtful consideration of these comments.

Shareable graphics below. Please download and share with your provider.

Share accurate medical information with your provider!

Herpes – STI Treatment Guidelines (cdc.gov)

Potential Health Complications from HSV

Did you have an experience with your provider you’d be willing to share anonymously? Email us: info@herpescureadvocacy.com

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