Resources for Newly Diagnosed

Diagnosis with Herpes Simplex Virus, (type 1 or 2) can be traumatizing. We’re here to help. Why is there no cure for Herpes? Because no has ever demanded one. We’re here to change that.

Hold Sexual Health Providers Accountable

Newly diagnosed with Herpes? Are you concerned your provider may not have followed 2021 CDC STI treatment guidelines with your testing or diagnosis? Please let us know by emailing us at

Provider Feedback Toolkit

You can report providers who are not following CDC STI treatment guidelines here.

Providers not following CDC treatment guidelines can be subject to litigation, medical licensure suspension or removal.

Herpes Resources:

Learn more: Herpes is common, see some statistics here, but it is not benign.

False positives/negatives with serology tests are common. The CDC recommends two-step confirmatory testing. Order a confirmatory test by clicking here.

University of Washington Virology Research Clinic: Learn more about HSV, it’s symptoms, how its transmitted, etc.

Want to help advocate for a Herpes Cure?

We believe the reason there is no cure, effective treatment, or even diagnostic test is because of stigma. There has never been a centralized advocacy effort for Herpes until now. Join us – we need smart capable people to help us change the landscape for HSV.

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New Advocates Starter’s Guide

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WE NEED YOUR HELP! Learn more about our fundraising goals and donate today.

Have a news tip? Are you working on clinical research for HSV treatments and want to share updates with the public? Let us know!

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